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This is the, "what's been happening at FAF" column.

Here you'll find regular updates on FAF activity, trivia and gossip......

Love was in the air the day before Valentine's Day and we had plenty of love songs with Pete in charge of the romance! He and Stuart began with Stu's Give You Up For Lent and Texas Love Song then Gary sang Slim Dusty's Do You Think That I Don't Know and a love song to horses Copper And May. Carrie & Stuart sand Richard Thompson's Dimming Of The Day and the Ivory Joe Hunter song I Almost Lost My Mind, Sue did Hey There Delilah and Eternal Flame and Bob gave us Tina Louise and My Girl Josephine. Heather was next with The Second Minuet and Love Is All Around then Suzanne read the poem Cling To Me Nigel before John sang two Mike Scott songs Love Song and Someone Should Tell You. Sean sang Lock-Keeper (Stan Rogers) and Dylan's Simple Twist Of Fate, Andy D sang is own Liquid Sky (a love song to the earth) and the brilliant Headless Body In A Topless Bar. Sonia did The Dark Eyed Sailor and the McGarrigle's Foolish You, Andy C sang If I Were A Carpenter and Ripples and Martin did This Love Won't Let You Fail and Year Of The Cat. Jennie sang I Love This Bar and Orphan Girl (Gillian Welsh) and Sarah did BB King's The Thrill Is Gone.
FAF didn't let the dark days of winter get us down as we encouraged everyone to perform a cheerful or funny number. Burns Night also got a nod as Martin MC'd. Stuart & Peter started with The Napoli and Right Said Fred then John sang The Cat (Mike Scott) and On Again! On Again! (Jake Thackray). Bob was next with Rhubarb Pie and I Love To Boogie and Sue sang Ugly Bug Ball and Swinging On A Star. Not known for funny songs, Andy turned comedian with a series of banjo jokes (playing along as he did so and throwing in a bit of Oh Suzanna) before segueing into All The Girls Go Wild Over Me. Martin was next with the Dubliner's The Sick Note and High Part Of The Town (Jez Lowe), Keith did Village Green Preservation Society and Bring Us In Hot Tea and Roger started with a joke and sang He Shall Die. Sean did his own Something Always Gets You In The End and was joined by Sandie for Fairytale Of Bradley Stoke, a Bristolian twist on the Christmas classic. We had a new face next, Joe, who delighted us with a couple of Nick Drake songs Clothes Of Sand and Milk And Honey, then it was Suzanne with a poem Oft I Think Of Robbie Burns. Valerie read a few short pieces St. Lucy's Day In Sweden/The Miracle Of The Poinsettia/Martin Lutther's Tree/Snapdragon/Befana/Fruit Tree Wassailing then Jane sang Lost Words (Katherine Polwart) and the Cranberries' Zombie. Geoff did Hugh Laurie's Mystery and his own Foot Tambourine, Steve debuted his ukulele for Jez Lowe's Back In Durham Gaol and As Soon As This Pub Closes (Alex Glasgow) and Alan sang Run For Home and Mystery Eyes. Heather gave us Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and Hi Ho Silver Lining, Neil did The Fair Flower Of Northumberland and Burn's The Silver Tassie and Jennie also went to Scotland with An Eriskay Love Lilt and a little further south for D'ye Ken John Peel.
We started the new year with another busy night at the Nissen and Stuart as our MC and he and Pete began with The Hippopotamus Song and Stuart's ode to CAMRA The Beer Song. Carrie & Stuart were next with Genesis Hall and Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying then Christine sang Derry Down and recited Jabberwocky and Roger sang the 'the Knowle West version of Ramona', Ramonal. Sue did Red River Valley and Make You Feel My Love, Bob sang Backwater Blues and Crazy Arms and Geoff did two wassails, the ones from Somerset and Trunch. Valerie read a moving piece from The Letter I Should Have Written, John sang The Twelve Days After Christmas and another Flanders & Swann song The Sloth and Suzanne read a poem by Jack Prelutsky Deep In Our Refrigerator. Andy D was next with I Wish The Wars Were All Over, Sean did his own Coat Of Blue and his version of Matty Groves and Mick sang Mr Punch and Kindly Leave The Stage. Andy C gave us Mandolin Mountain and I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound and John returned to finish the evening with Jake Thackray's Grandad.


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