Introducing Skye

FAF are delighted to announce that we have used the donations from our anniversary special to sponsor a Guide Dog puppy - Skye. Our money will go towards the cost of training and placement in her first two years.

You can follow updates of her progress by scrolling down the page. There is also an introduction to Skye on the Guide Dogs website (click the "Meet Skye" button below), where you can also find more information about their work, and Skye has her own page on their site - click the "Skye's Puppy Page" button.

27th August 2019

Skye is getting to grips with all the commands that puppies in training need to master. She is a patient and bright pup and so picked up the "sit" command quickly. Here’s the photographic evidence she can execute it perfectly!

24th September 2019

Skye has been looking forward to autumn as summertime can be a little tricky in such a shiny, black coat! She will continue practising travelling on various means of public transport as well as enjoying longer walks in a park.

16th October 2019


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Hello, it’s Glyn here, Skye’s Puppy Walker. I am excited to update you on what she has been up to.

Skye is the third puppy I’ve raised for Guide Dogs, it’s a 24/7 job but it’s the best job I’ve ever had! When my husband started to lose his sight, I wanted to get involved with Guide Dogs in the community and puppy walking seemed like the perfect way to do that. I’m so proud to be raising puppies that will make a difference to people’s lives one day.

Learning the ropes

When Skye arrived, my other puppy in training, Oscar, was still living with me. It was lovely to see him teaching Skye the ropes and they got on so well – although she soon became the boss of him!

Skye is very obedient around the house. She sleeps in her bed, is patient with food, and I’ve even taken the stairgate away as she knows she isn’t allowed upstairs.

Skye’s favourite toy is a big stuffed dog; she drags it around the house and won’t let it go! She also likes her chewy bones which are great for her teething.

Fearless pup

I’ve been exposing Skye to lots of different sights and smells such as supermarkets and cafés. This is known as ‘socialisation’ and is helping to build her confidence – not that she needs it! She is an incredibly bold girl and not nervous about new environments or loud noises. Even the bagpipes at a county fair didn’t faze her!

I’ve also taken Skye to St Pancras station in London, and she remained calm throughout all the noise and crowded platforms. Confidence in busy environments will be vital to her success as a future guide dog.

Learning new skills

Skye has been attending puppy classes to learn basic obedience skills. She’s a bright pup and has already mastered commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. As she loves other dogs, I was worried she would be distracted by them during class, but after she’d said hello to everyone, she was very calm and took it all in her stride. I’m so proud of her.

Skye does have a bossy streak and always likes to have my full attention so she barks when I’m on the phone or talking to someone. I will be working on improving her patience over the coming months and teaching her that although she’s gorgeous, the world can’t always revolve around her!

Thank you so much for sponsoring Skye. Look out for your next Pupdate in February.

28th January 2020

Skye has stepped into the New Year with confidence. She’s currently perfecting her loose lead walking skills with her Puppy Walker, Glyn. Skye has made incredible progress so far and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!

March 2020


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April 2020

Skye’s been enjoying all the attention she’s getting with everyone spending time in the house together. She’s been soaking up the sun on Puppy Walker Glyn’s balcony.

Hello, it’s Glyn here, Skye’s Puppy Walker. Welcome to her second Pupdate!

Puppy walking is so important to me and I’ve learnt so much from each pup I’ve raised. I’m starting to realise that each puppy is very unique, and I love getting to know them for who they are. I’ve enjoyed watching Skye learn new skills, but I’ve also loved expanding my knowledge on dog training and behaviour too as a result.

Confident pup

Skye continues to grow in confidence every day. She remains unfazed by anything, which is a brilliant trait for a future guide dog as she will be able to guide her owner confidently no matter the environment around her. We recently came across a loud leaf blower and she just stopped to figure out what the noise was, and then carried on about her day.

New skills 

Skye is very food motivated which makes her much easier to train but I feel like she would sell me for a dog biscuit if she had the chance! I have taught her not to eat from her bowl until I blow the whistle. This helps to build patience and encourages good food manners.

Skye enjoys learning new things and I can see her really trying to figure out what it is I’m asking of her. She has been learning to ‘find the chair’ in which she will rest her head on an empty chair. This will be an invaluable skill for her future owner as she will be able to locate an empty seat for them whilst out and about, for example at a café, a bus stop or a park bench.

Patience and focus 

Skye can still be a little impatient and often interrupts my conversations because she wants some attention. It did make me laugh the other day as we were waiting to cross the road and she got impatient at the traffic lights, so she barked at them. They changed just as she barked and so now I think she feels she even rules the traffic lights!

Another challenge I’ve faced with Skye is her dog distraction. She is such a friendly and playful girl and so she can get easily distracted by any dogs around her. She has brilliant recall though and I’ve seen a big improvement over the last few months. We will continue working on improving her focus even with other puppy pals around.

Skye the fundraiser 

Skye has attended many Guide Dogs fundraising events over the last few months and she’s a brilliant sidekick to take along with me. She gives me the opportunity to share what I do as a Puppy Walker and the vital work that Guide Dogs do to help those people living with sight loss.

We can’t wait to see Skye progress on her journey to become a guide dog. Look out for her next Pupdate in June!

June 2020


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29 September 2020

Skye has grown into a beautiful and clever young lady who attracts everyone’s attention when she walks down the street. She’s always happy to demonstrate her excellent obedience skills, especially if she can smell a tasty treat in your pocket!

Hello, it’s Glyn here, Skye’s Puppy Walker. Welcome to her third Pupdate!

Always by my side

Skye loves to come sit next to me no matter where I am! In the mornings I like to have a cup of tea and watch her resting beside me. When we go on walks, Skye loves to meet other dogs, and while I used to worry about her dog distraction, she has improved so much. Now she likes to go up to other dogs to say hello but doesn’t run off. She’ll have a little touch on the nose with the other dog and then will run straight back to me! Skye is a great companion and is perfect in all social situations. 

Nothing phases Skye

The recent impact of coronavirus has meant I’ve needed to find new ways of ensuring Skye has continued to progress in her training, given that travelling to public places hasn’t been possible. Before the social distancing guidelines were introduced, we visited lots of different supermarkets and cafés. Skye was so well behaved that I could put her lead down, and she would sit and wait for me to come back. She was also able to experience different modes of transport and had no problems at all with trains, buses and cars. Skye wasn’t even phased by the loud noises they made as they approached – which can be common for a lot of pups! 

Once the restrictions are lifted, I’m looking forward to taking Skye to London as I think this will be a really fun experience for her. I’ve noticed that Skye loves visiting shops almost as much as her free runs! 


Positive outlook

I think Skye will be a wonderful companion for someone in the future. She creates a really good bond with everyone she meets and has shown me nothing but love. It’s been wonderful to see Skye’s confidence and personality shine, and I can’t wait to see this continue. 

Look out for your next Pupdate to see how she is progressing on her journey to become a guide dog!

October 2020


You can also read this pupdate and look at the pictures and videos by clicking the "Skye's Pupdate 4" button, or to just watch the video, click "Skye 4 video".

Pupdate 4

Skye has started training school


Hello, it’s Kim here and I am Skye’s new Trainer.

I have been a guide dog Trainer here at Redbridge for around 13 years now, although I’ve worked at Guide Dogs for 16 years! During this time, I have trained around 153 dogs altogether, which has been amazing. My favourite part about being a puppy Trainer is getting to know each dog’s individual personality when they first come in for training - every dog has their own lovable quirks. I’m really looking forward to teaching Skye new things and watching her confidence continue to grow.

Skye is a loving pup 

Skye had to start training school a little bit later than she normally would, due to travel and safety restrictions of COVID-19. This meant that she got to stay with Puppy Walker Glyn for a bit longer. Skye is a very loving pup, so it was a joy for Glyn to keep puppy walking Skye during lockdown.

Preparing for training school 

Although there were restrictions on where Skye could visit during lockdown, she had a wide array of experiences that will be helpful for her on her journey towards becoming a guide dog. Glyn and Skye went on lots of free runs in the park which meant Skye could fine tune her recall skills. During the sunnier days there were lots more people visiting the parks than usual, which gave Skye a great opportunity to practise her lead work and dog distraction ability. Skye’s progressed brilliantly and has a strong willingness to learn new things.

As lockdown began to ease, Skye helped Glyn move to a new house! Moving house was a great experience for Skye, to see her confidence when dealing with new situations and challenges – Skye was not fazed at all and settled into the new house with ease. She even enjoyed a delicious treat in the garden!

Introduction to training school 

Now Skye is settling into life at training school and has a lot to look forward to during her time here. I’m most excited to teach Skye how to avoid obstacles as this is always a really fun technique to teach the pups. I will also introduce Skye to her harness and will help her learn how to stop at kerbs and understand how to lead someone with a visual impairment. Skye will also visit a variety of different locations, and where it is safe to do so, will travel on public transport. 

I look forward to updating you on how Skye has progressed in training school in her next Pupdate.

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