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Jonathan Davy

We were sad to share the news that founder member Jonathan Davy passed away in August 2016. He had been living with long term health issues for many years.

Jon was one of those there at the very first Folk Around Fishponds at the Cross Hands in 1999. Over the years he was one of the true regulars, entertaining us with his singing and guitar playing. Many of the songs he sang became FAF favourites, and the recording of his Brother’s song, “Alone in London on a Tuesday Night” featured on the FAF CD. He performed as a soloist as well as with his long time musical partner Bob Robson. In addition, Jon was an active member of the FAF committee, always making

great contributions.

Despite his ongoing illness, Jon was determined to live life to the full. He was well known for working hard and then making sure he got the most from his social life. He sang with Bristol Voices choir, enjoyed going to gigs, walking and foreign trips. He also enjoyed a pint and a cigarette and would usually slip out for a smoke during a FAF evening! His determination to make the best of what he had is a true inspiration to us all.

Jon's funeral was held at Westerleigh Crematorium with a large attendance, including many from the Bristol folk scene. Bristol Voices, with whom Jon sang, performed.

A packed crowd was at FAF on October 25th 2016 as we celebrated Jon and his music with an evening in tribute to him. Many of his favourite songs were sung and Jon was remembered with stories from his friends. It was decided to donate the usual door entry money to the chosen charity, St Peter's Hospice and we raised a magnificent

£150 on the night.


A further £50 was donated in January 2018. FAF raised this from the door money taken at their Christmas 2017 event.


If you would like to make further donations to St Peter's Hospice, you can do so by clicking the box below.

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